Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey, the world is celebrating 50 years of Motown music and you can hear it everywhere. here is a clip of Supremes singing Baby Love in 1964. Great video!

Stephen Covey is definitely a friend of mine....well not in the physical sense but certainly in the philosophical sense. I tend to go back to him often enough to remind me what life is really all about...and it's about people. That's why I am a librarian. Librarianship challenges and encourages those in their community to learn something new every time they walk through the doors of the library. I love that. As far as the habits go, the easiest for me is to begin with the end in mind. I love setting goals, short term and long term. I feel quite lost and directionless without goals in my life. I love the feeling of accomplishment. The hardest is probably seeing problems as challenges. It takes me awhile before my brain clicks in to remind me that the problem presenting itself is really there to lead me to my next goal. I need to convince myself that this problem is actually good for me. That's hard at times.

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